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Apple iPhone 6 may come with barometer

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Rumours continue to pour in on expected new features, specs and release date of the much-talked about iPhone 6. The next Apple's flagship phone is expected to be launched in mid-September this year. Though, some reports suggest it could come in August.

Well, if recent rumours are to be believed, the iPhone 6 may sports some new features, apart from a larger screen and redesigned body.

The latest rumour doing the rounds is that it will come with two new sensors--a barometer and an air pressure sensor. Though, barometer is not a new addition as it is available on some Android devices.  However, these two sensors could be useful for mountaineers and hikers as it will help in measuring temperature and will provide weather data.

Also, these sensors could tap into and sync with the rumoured iWatch, which also is expected this year. Earlier, a German phone firm Deutsche Telekom had predicted September 19 launch.

The date is consistent with Apple's recent launches as the US tech giant generally introduces its new iPhone models on Fridays and September 19 does fall on a Friday. Apple had launched the iPhone 5S on September 20, 2013, which was a Friday. The new handset is believed to have a larger 4.7 inch screen, with a second version boasting a 5.5-inch screen. As far as the innards are concerned, one can expect a new A8 processor, perhaps more RAM and defiantly a better camera.

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